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The world’s FIRST Web3-Based 501(c)(7) Mutual Benefit Nonprofit Corporation

13,000 unique

In the depths of the metaverse, nestled in the eloquent hills of the Ethereum Blockchain lies a Country Club, defined by excellence, prestige, and virtue.

The Spooky Boys Country Club offers 13,000 unique, digital collectibles, each granting Membership to their owner.

Spooky Boys Country Club Members seek to obtain sanctitude, integrity, and metaversal recognition. This project blends next generation technology, country club mannerisms, and Spooky vibes to create a community of camaraderie.

HIDing under the sheets

Welcome to the Spooky Boys Mansion Party ~ ownership of any Mansion Party NFT grants its holder Membership in Web3’s FIRST Country Club, as well as verified access to Spooky Boys Country Club experiences both IRL & across the metaverse AND unique holders-only benefits exclusive to the SBCC community. “Living it up,” our Skeletons, Aliens, and Robots are here to network, build, explore, and enjoy the Spooky Night Life!

Mansion Party NFTs may also be acquired via SpooKeys (2 bronze, 1 silver, or 1gold required to uncloak) on a Spooky Boys Country Club Ghost NFT. Our bespoke technology uncloaks your Spooky Boy Ghost, burns the key/s (not the Ghost) and mints you a NEW corresponding-numbered Mansion Boy NFT.

SPOOKY BOYS country club
is now under new management.

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